Corporate weed sucks


You dont need me to tell you that. Canada’s cannabis industry has become the graveyard of cannabis crooks. As the likes of Cam Battley from Aurora jumping ship and moving half way  around the workd to Australia to avoid the  meltdown at Aurora and to do it all over again in the other hemishpere.

Not that I am really complaining. Aurora received millions and millions of dollars from investors and they built up their share price by having Cam Battely tour the country with his ‘i dont use pot’ face and fool everyone as Aurora fudged its books and used investor money as their own personal ATM.  The class action lawsuits against them are an indicator of how well these crooks too advantage of the cannabis buzz. Funny eh, the government calls the black market the crooks and look at what Auraora has done in a little more than two years. Robbed countless investors of their hard saved money. Now whos the real crooks. Aurora laid of 500 people this week too. What a shame. 

Corporate weed still sucks.

Now the interesting part is whether the industry will finanly allow those who built it in the first place to come and get in the game they created. Or will they still keep out the little guy and piss off everyone even more. 

I mean,  the government lost money last year selling weed.  And they can put anyone who tries to compete with them in jail! And they stil lost money. 

Cmon Canada, give our heads a shake. How much of your money are you going to let them take?

Corporate WeedSucks!

Support your local black market. At least you know that money is going back into the community.