Cannabis Free Market

Cannabis Free MarketIt sounds like the legal cannabis dispensaries have had a tough time in their first year in business. Despite cannabis becoming “legal’ in Canada, the government’s plan has more of less fallen on its face big time. Or has it?

 For those of us who frequent the cannabis black market or ‘free market’ as many like to call it, whether as a buyer or a seller, the new government system has only made the black market more accessible. Its hasn’t really gotten much bigger per se, it’s always been enormous, but now the market is national, and not just local. Its huge. People in Nova Scotia can browse cannabis menus and order online from growers in BC so easily that anyone can do it.

 No one on the black market is worried in the slightest about getting bad weed. It just really doesn’t happen anymore. The cheapest cannabis Ive seen which sold for $500/lb., was still pretty good cannabis. And the stuff I saw for $2400/lb. was stellar. I mean, incredible. Five stars plus kind of stuff. And why wouldn’t it be?

 The cannabis growing community in Canada is strong. Supported by growers with medical licenses that have scripts for up to 1000 plants in some cases, there is not shortage of weed at all on the black market. There is no way they would put out garbage product. It wouldn’t sell for one. And they would probably feel bad about it too.

 I procured a menu from one the many new wholesalers that have sprung up to meet the demand, and its amazing! 30 different strains in 4 different grades, and prices as low as $2.50 per gram. That’s right $2.50 per gram. Delivered. To your door. WTF?

 This is what the black-market consumer has come to expect. And it will be a long time before the government can change those expectations. So, putting any sort of limit on it is pointless. They should open up the whole thing to everyone. There is no doubt the system will run better and pay more taxes than with the government running it into debt.

 There is the company I know well that provides same day delivery of cannabis, right to your door, often in just an hour. They operate in one major Canadian city with plans of franchising their delivery system, which is very similar to Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats. They have apps for customer, apps for drivers, central dispatch, e-commerce site, social media pages, live chat, e-mail/SMS marketing campaigns, multi-store inventory management systems, loyalty points, order delivery tracking in real time, the list goes on. These guys operate just like a regular business would. Except they are illegal in the eyes of the government and Health Canada. This company provides safe, discreet, friendly to-your-door service in less than an hour. Their menu is incredible with at least 40 strains of loose flower, a dozen kinds of pre-rolls, gummies, cookies, brownies, trail mixes, extracts like shatter, resins, oils, and hashish in a half dozen varieties from around the world. But the best part of the whole thing is that they arent restricted in their advertising, so it’s fun and playful, even at times edgy. One brand makes light of the fact that they are sticking it to the man.

 If you were to spend even a few minutes in one of the countless grassroots forums on the internet you would be able to sense the dissatisfaction of the people who use cannabis a lot. They are boycotting the dispensaries, and no one has picked up on this yet.

 Whats particularly interesting about this scenario is that no one seems to be managing this boycott. Its almost like inherently the heavy cannabis user community knows that something isnt right with the dispensary system and has just said stay away, much the same way they do with police. This is still the generation that grew up with pot being illegal, so they are very comfortable operating the way they were. Many have been in business for decades and forms being said, they havent done anything but get much better at what they do. From growing to trimming to delivering the goods, everything has been bumped up into modern times and fueled by technology as this generation is in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s and they know how to integrate systems and run e-commerce stores.

 The government in Canada’s screw up of the cannabis industry is so colossal it’s become a national embarrassment.

 Who other than the government could step in and take over a profitable industry and turn it into a bottomless pit of negative cashflows and negative balances? They can even put anyone who tries to compete with them in jail, and they still made a huge mess of everything.

 Such a shame too. It looked like Canada was going to be a pioneer of sorts in the legal cannabis game, but one year into legalization and that opportunity is long gone. The US in only a few short months shot past Canada as the world leader in cannabis retailing and brand development. Investors turned their backs and took back their money from the Canadian producers to the point where some Licensed Producers stock value is down 75%! How is that even possible.


The fact was the government greed got the nest of them and just like alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling, they thought cannabis should be under their control. To save Canadians from themselves is what they said to us. Apparently, Canadians cannot keep cannabis out of the hands of their children’s hands and leave piles of cannabis all over the house. Even worse they make it into gummies and then leave those in candy dishes for their children to die on. Of course, this is nonsense. The only thing the government saves us from is having any extra money. They leave us with just enough for us to get by and maybe a nit extra for those who find a way to beat the system.

What is going to happen form here on I wonder? People my age (45-60) seem fed up in most social media posts I read. My generation watched out parents work their whole lives and in the end all they had was their houses for retirement. No savings. No pension to speak of. And we saw the numbers on CPP. We weren’t going to be able to fund the CPP payouts by the time we are supposed to retire. For the most part many of us have just concluded that we will have to work until we die too. But that hasn’t stopped us from telling our children of the perils they face ahead. My kids are well aware of the possibility of change in the way things are run in Canada. They play games about revolution online which is subtly preparing them for the upcoming revolt. Revolution is cool. It better work this time.



Black Market Weed Delivery

Would someone please tell me what is so wrong about the black market anyways. I am only referring to weed here. Babies and kidneys don’t count. Same with pharmaceutical drugs or anything that is synthesized by man. The only type of black market I am referring to is the black market for cannabis. It should have its own folder rather than be lumped in with everything else from Chinese knock-offs to human slaves. What is so damn wrong about the weed black market?

It’s my position that the black cannabis market has caught a bad name. We all now know how wrong prohibition was. What an enormous waste of money it was and how it propelled the price of cannabis to over $3000/lb at one point.  Tomatoes, by comparison, are $3/lb. But that isnt the fault of the people who use cannabis. When the government made cannabis illegal and put it in the same category as heroin, they instantly put the kibosh on any studies or experiments of cannabis for over 100 years. Obviously, there was a motive behind doing this. Most likely someone who had some clout with the government and who also owned a pharmaceutical company said ‘Whoa, wait a minute. This cannabis is a therapeutic medicine. We can’t have that messing up our sales of pain pills and arthritis creams. Make it illegal and we won’t have to worry too much about it”

But what they didn’t plan for was the devastation to  a quarter of the population that use cannabis ended up facing. Families were torn apart as husbands and mothers were thrown in jails, fined thousands of dollars, lost their homes, had their children taken away from them…the list goes one. Its almost unbelievable that we, as humans, could let something so wrong, happen to so many, for so long. But we did. And we are paying the price now. Broken homes, people resorting to stealing to feed their families because of criminal charges…again the list goes on and on. It will take generations to recover from the chaos and destruction prohibition brought upon the people of Canada.

It only was a matter of time before someone in the government caught on to what was happening at the grassroots level. They finally smelled the money. That’s what it was. That’s why the government got into cannabis. Tax money. Not medicine or recreation, it’s because they lost a court battle and they smelled the money.

Now the government has got a hold of the ball for a couple of rushes. And look…they fumbled already. But at the same time, they’ve spoken to “hundreds” of people on how to best handle cannabis. I guess those hundred people were non-cannabis users because the information the government received did not express the thoughts of those who use cannabis regularly. Not even close.

The cannabis black market is not the criminals the government wants you to believe. The cannabis black market is your uncles and sisters and brothers and cousins and neighbours. It’s even you if you’ve used cannabis in the last hundred years

What’s sad is that every day I read how the black market is criminals that lace the weed with fentanyl, or speed, and park outside schools dishing out their unique candy. Heres the one fact I know. Around where I live – mid-size-western- a city of just over a million, the black market is getting us by. Everyone I know buys from or is involved in the cannabis black market in some form or other. And that’s cool with me. Legalization sucks so far.

Long story short. The black market is you and me. It’s us they are talking about when they refer to cannabis criminals. Not them. Us. Be careful about what you do with us.