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Prohibition 2.0

 The truth is however, that RUSH420 operates just as it always has for many mnay years previous to cannabis being legal. In different variations of one form or the other, it has existed for the single purpose of providing cannabis to Canadians in a time when those who are supposed to represent you were telling you cannabis was bad. 

 It makes you wonder, if they were so wrong about cannabis, what else are they wrong about? Maybe all drugs should be made legal. Think of all the families that would not have been torn apart from going to jail for drugs. The trickle down effect is generations deep. 

 And now with legalization, they change their tune. Now cannabis is good, as long as they can control it, To keep our children safe they say. To keep the profits out of criminal organizations. If anyone is the criminals, its those who enforced the unjuut drug laws for so many years, and then jumped the fence and now work for cannabis companies. Hypocrisy runs deep in legal cannabis. 

  And maybe some of you buy into this bullshit. Maybe some of you dont even care. But the truth is cannabis has always been safe, our kids have always been safe, craft growers are not the mob, and they care about the product they provide, and the only reason the government is in cannabis at all is so they can maximize the amount of taxes they get from the growing and selling of weed. 

 They want it so bad in fact, that if you try to sell it against them, you go to jail. If you are found to have a few pounds of weed in your house that you didnt grow yourself and that you didnt buy from the governemnt dispensary, you go to jail. 

 Hows that for legalization. More like Prohibition 2.0 to me.

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