Same-Day Weed Delivery Vancouver


Same day weed delivery in Vancouver just got a lot easier. RUSH420 has brought their show to the Lower Mainland for all you cannabis fans out there. And we know there are a lot fo you in that part of the world. You pretty much invented hydroponics in BC.

Where else can you find 1000mg brownies, 70-gram joints, and 55 gallon drums of sweet cherry oil extraction? No where but here. RUSH420 is making weed fun again with is its line of high dose cannabis consumables. We are here for those who think getting high is just the beginning of what the cannabis plant brings to the table.

Same day weed delivery Vancouver is a reality. And it has been for some time. But no one has taken it to the levels that RUSH420 is taking it. With 21 st century technology and incredible products we are taking cities by storm.

Order weed online in Vancouver is so easy. You can browse current menus and order straight from our apps or from your PC.

 Give RUSH420 a try . You will see why we are #1.