For over seven years we have had a vision of building a truly iconic Canadian cannabis brand. A cannabis brand that captures the true spirit of what it means to be Canadian. Adventurous, kind, friendly, helping one another get through the hard times, and celebrating the better times like no other country on earth.

We love you Canada. You are our people.  And we want to be your cannabis brand. You rock! And RUSH420 rocks with you!

Car dont start? RUSH420 is there to lighten up the moment and to help you forget it’s fucking as cold as hell outside.

Team’s on a winning streak? RUSH420 is there for your and your friends, bringing the fire so you don’t got to go no where cause you are already there. 

We work hard and we play hard. And when its time to wind down, we do that right too. RUSH420 has you covered in all your true Canadian moments. 


We appreciate your support.

The legal system doesn’t want to let us in? That’s just wrong. And we know it. So fuck ’em. We’re doing it anyways. Just like we have for 100 years before stupid legalization.

RUSH420 has been here since the start. We didnt just get in on things when it got all easy and legal-like. We took the risk for years, when the government wouldnt help you get what you needed to get through this fucking crazy world we live in. 

Thats why we say, “Corporate Weed Sucks!” Support Your Local Black Market. We are the people that care.

Remember. Have fun. Its just weed. But its really good weed, so be cool. Hard not to be when your Canadian, eh? Fucking rights.


RUSH420 loves you Canada!

Peace. And I really mean that.

We can all do better.

RUSH420 is living up to the true spirit of Canada. And we willdo better too. You just watch us. Better products. Cooler swag. Better prices.

Give us the hammer. We will build a new way. It better work this time.

Happy Trails Edmonton!

~RUSH420 Founder

(Please buy some weed. My kids need braces.)