Strain of the Week: Sour Diesel

Strain of the Week: Sour Diesel

A popular strain across Canada, but no one will agree where it came from originally.

Sour Diesel is an energising sativa strain with a shady past. Sometimes known as Sour D, this strain is named after its unusually strong diesel like aroma. People love the combination of sweet and pungent fragrances associated with Sour Diesel. This strains creates a high that a comfortable feeling of energising cerebral effects.

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Sour Diesel first appeared in the 1980’s and 90’s. Because of the underground cannabis market, documentation was scarce. Its history and upbringing is an ongoing mystery.

Sour Diesel is a tall plant with medium sized thick buds. The colouring on the bud is a soft green with orange hairs and has a slight stickiness to them. Its parent strains are rumoured to be Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, though it is only speculation. No one fully understands this strains true lineage. Some people even say it might be a cross between Chemdawg and Northern Lights, or a combination of all three.

Its past and lineage might be a mystery, but its scent profile sure isn’t. It holds a pungent diesel scent with a pinch of lemon. It tastes earthy with a smooth smoke that goes down easy. Sour Diesels odour is so strong that its pungent aroma is known to fill an entire house. Breaking the bud open will only unleash more of its fuel and fruity terpene scents into air.

It is resilient for new growers, but almost hair-pulling for impatient growers.

This strain can handle grow methods in both indoor and outdoor environments. For outdoors, it requires humid, Mediterranean type climates, preferably with temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. For indoors, regular room temperatures are fine for the most part. Make sure to keep bending and pruning the flower early in the grow process to keep it contained and manageable.

Sour Diesel doest take much effort, but it does need a keen eye to handle the needs of this strain. It grows tall, at about 2 meters in height. It has long, skinny branches and it is spacious between flowering nodes. When the strain goes into flowering, Sour Diesel produces a moderately high yield. It can have upwards of 42g to 55g (1.5oz to 2oz) per square foot of product.

Waiting is always the hardest for a lot of growers. Some are even put off from the long flowering period that this strain requires, 10-12 weeks (or 70-84 days). The wait is worth it because cultivators are rewarded with potent sativa greens and a bright, happy garden to admire.

It is the strain to take to the streets, but not so much to bring to the sheets.

Sour Diesel is almost a pure sativa strain at about 90%, while its indica count is about 10%. It has a THC count of 26%, making it a potent psychedelic strain. It also sports a CBD count of 2%, and CBN at 4%.

Its attributes treat all patients dealing with depression, stress, poor appetite, chronic pain and fatigue. In more serious cases this strain can help patients cope with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. Sour Diesel keeps them busy instead of letting them mull over negative thoughts and memories.

Once consumed, the patient will experience an energising alert also experience a daydream-inducing head high. It can make the user alert because it wakes them up from a fatigue haze. The consumers racing thoughts will make it a bit difficult to focus on a specific task for too long.

It might even make a person chatty if there are friendly faces around or a good bar to visit. There are also reports of minimal heavy body sensations and practically no couch-lock. Making Sour D great for early morning day use if the consumer has no other obligations to attend to.

As there are uplifting benefits to this strain, there are also some drawbacks a person should be aware of. It can cause a bit of a dry mouth and dry eyes. It can make some patients feel dizzy and even paranoid if the dose is too high. New smokers should take extra care not to overdo it due to the strains THC content. The onset activates quickly and can last about 2-3 hours.

Sour D is a popular strain that can be found just about anywhere.

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Is weed legal in Edmonton?

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RUSH420 New Website Launched!

RUSH420 New Website Launched!

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Prohibition 2.0

Prohibition 2.0

rush420 fucking fast 420 delivery

Prohibition 2.0

 The truth is however, that RUSH420 operates just as it always has for many mnay years previous to cannabis being legal. In different variations of one form or the other, it has existed for the single purpose of providing cannabis to Canadians in a time when those who are supposed to represent you were telling you cannabis was bad. 

 It makes you wonder, if they were so wrong about cannabis, what else are they wrong about? Maybe all drugs should be made legal. Think of all the families that would not have been torn apart from going to jail for drugs. The trickle down effect is generations deep. 

 And now with legalization, they change their tune. Now cannabis is good, as long as they can control it, To keep our children safe they say. To keep the profits out of criminal organizations. If anyone is the criminals, its those who enforced the unjuut drug laws for so many years, and then jumped the fence and now work for cannabis companies. Hypocrisy runs deep in legal cannabis. 

  And maybe some of you buy into this bullshit. Maybe some of you dont even care. But the truth is cannabis has always been safe, our kids have always been safe, craft growers are not the mob, and they care about the product they provide, and the only reason the government is in cannabis at all is so they can maximize the amount of taxes they get from the growing and selling of weed. 

 They want it so bad in fact, that if you try to sell it against them, you go to jail. If you are found to have a few pounds of weed in your house that you didnt grow yourself and that you didnt buy from the governemnt dispensary, you go to jail. 

 Hows that for legalization. More like Prohibition 2.0 to me.

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How to Avoid Germs When Consuming Cannabis?

How to Avoid Germs When Consuming Cannabis?

How to Avoid Germs When Consuming Cannabis?


One of the problems with sharing a bong is that there can be a transfer of germs in the process.


In this article, we find answers to your questions on how to avoid catching coronavirus when smoking weed together.

Hanging out with other cool people sharing a few rips off the ol’ bong can be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, whether it’s with good friends or people you just met, its usually an amazing experience for everyone. There is laughter in the air, and bonds are created between hits that can last a lifetime.


But in truth, it’s not often the most hygienic thing a person can do. Especially when it comes to transferring germs from one person to the other.


In a study conducted by Moose Labs, a Los Angeles-based cannabis accessories company co-founded by brothers Dan and Jay Rush, the duo was able to quantify the number of germs found in a shared cannabis piece, joint, or vape pen. Their findings were quite jarring, to say the least.


“We found that the average public toilet seat is cleaner than the average bong that we tested, and that’s horrifyingly disgusting,” said Jay Rush.


 “The average gas station toilet seat was about 900 bacteria per square inch, whereas the average bong was 3,000 bacteria per square inch.”


According to the research, the average cannabis pipe has as much surface bacteria as 2 1/2 dirty gas station toilet seats or 25 dog food bowls. People don’t usually share the same glass at a bar or fork in a restaurant, so why are we so comfortable going to cannabis events or social gatherings and sharing the same cannabis piece?


“There are so many different viruses and types of bacteria that can be spread by sharing pieces and pipes,” he explained. “The more people that are starting to smoke as legalization becomes more prevalent, the more people you’re going to be sharing with.”


RUSH420 is here to provide our neighbours and friends with some tips on how to avoid germs during your next session.


  1. Keep Your Piece Clean


The most effective way to avoid bacteria and germs from infringing upon your session is to keep your pipe, bong, or dab rig clean. There are several methods that can be used to clean the resin off your glass piece, but perhaps the most popular practice is using 99% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and coarse sea salt.


Although it’s not quite feasible to give your bong a deep cleaning in the middle of a session, keeping your glassware clean will go a long way in eliminating bacteria and improving the overall cannabis experience. The exact step-by-step process will depend on whether you’re cleaning a small glass pipe or a larger bong, but the overall procedure is largely the same.


Although you’re not coming into direct contact with the leftover residue or used bong water, a dirty piece has a major impact on the overall consumption experience. For instance, the flavor of your cannabis will be significantly hindered by a dirty piece, as the residue from past sessions could negatively impact the current session. Thankfully, there are certain pieces coming to the market that are designed with flavor and easy cleaning in mind, such as the Genius Pipe.


“It’s very hard to distinguish the difference if you’re smoking the same bowl or bong that has not been cleaned, you’re basically tasting the same thing you smoked months ago even if you’re smoking else,” Dyan Ferman, CEO of Genius Pipe, told Weedmaps News. “Being able to distinguish between the taste is very critical to the experience.”


  1. Purchase an Accessory to Help Keep the Germs Away


If you’re smoking in a social setting or don’t have time to scrub off the germs after each hit (and let’s face it, who does?), there are a variety of attachments you can use on almost any device.


For example, to help cannabis consumers enjoy their weed products in a cleaner, more enjoyable way, Moose Labs created the MouthPeace, a universal cannabis smoking accessory that fits onto pipes, bowls, and vapes. Not only does this silicone-made attachment act as a middleman between your mouth and germs, it also has a built-in filter to reduce the amount of tar and residue that enters your lungs, while still allowing THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes to be inhaled.  


The MouthPeace is available in various sizes, making it suitable for anything from towering bongs to an average-sized joint. If you want to be germ-free in a more stylish way, there are also a number of joint and blunt bubblers that will filter the smoke and keep your lips away from any germs collecting at the mouthpiece area. Just be prepared for your friends to ask whether they can use this nifty attachment as well.


  1. Be Mindful of How Many Hits Are Going Around


It’s also important to keep in mind how much bacteria may be present on a particular glass piece, vape pen, or joint.


For the Moose Labs study, for instance, the company set up booths at a couple of cannabis events in Southern California, offering free hits from a dab rig to 200 total participants, half of whom used their MouthPeace and the other half who hit the piece without any device. Despite the fact that this long line of strangers were repeatedly taking hits from the same rig, only about 5% of the participants used the free alcohol wipes to clean the piece before consuming. 


It may seem difficult and time-consuming to scrub down a piece after every single hit, but nonetheless, it’s important to be mindful about how many people have put their mouth onto a piece before it ends up in your hands. Whether that be at a cannabis event, a consumption space, or even among a small circle of friends, remember that there’s likely an unnerving amount of bacteria on the mouthpiece area.


“Using a light flame is not as effective as thoroughly cleaning with alcohol, but it does reduce some of the bacteria,” Rush explained. “We tested a lighter pass and T-shirt wipe and both of them reduced bacteria, but not to a sanitary level, more like from 1800 to 1100 bacteria per square inch.”






PRE 98 BUBBA KUSH STRAIN REVIEW – Pre 98 Bubba Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. The strain originated in the late 90’s, in the period where heavy indicas where reveered.  The strain has been a favorite of indica lovers for over two decades and offers a deep body stone that is great for lazy days or to unwind at night after busy days.

The origins of the strain are rather sketchy, with some saying it was a landrace variety imported from Pakistan/Afghanistan in the 80’s, to other claims by breeder Bubba which state the strain appeared quite by accident, even linking it’s early days to hip hop group Cypress Hill.

Pre 98 Bubba Kush has a pungent citrus aroma wrapped up with a delicious Earthiness. Many users even find an aftertaste of coffee to be prevalent upon exhalation. While the smoke is a bit harsh and the taste of the strain isn’t quite as pronounced as the scent suggests, it is still a great strain, especially for those who favor indica.

The medium hued green buds of Pre 98 Bubba Kush are well frosted with glistening trichome heads. Dashes of dark purple give the nuggets a haunting look when coupled with the generous frosting of crystals.

The effects of this smoke are considerably potent, so be advised that a deep relaxation will set in. This makes Pre 98 Bubba Kush great in the treatment of insomnia, the buds commonly lulling users into a deep sleep. It can also stave off feelings of anxiety or depression with the feelings of mood elevation it offers. The effects are long lasting, so it’s also a good strain when used to alleviate pain ñ at the onset of a migraine a quick toke of Pre 98 Bubba Kush will certainly prove beneficial. Those who suffer symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Bipolar Disorder.

PRE 98 BUBBA KUSH STRAIN REVIEW – Flowering time for this strain is generally right around 9 to 10 weeks, although some claim flowering time can be achieved in as soon as 7 weeks. Pre 98 Bubba Kush yields aren’t quite as favorable as other strains, but the sticky, dense nugs will surely make the process worth it.


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