How easy is it to find weed in Edmonton?

A dial a doper is a hard- working dude, just like a lot of people.  Its not an easy gig. Its long hours man. I have seen it. Why would not you have any sympathy for someone who not only works hard, but also takes on a significant amount of risk to make sure everyone has access to the best weed possible. Seems like an honourable pursuit to me. Certainly not a crime that’s for sure.  

Curious to know why people continue to support a government-regulated and highly taxed system, designed by people such as the Ex-Head of Drug Enforcement for the RCMP, Derek Ogden.

Isn’t there something weird having the man who spent years policing the illegal drug trade, cashing in big time on the sale of cannabis, now that its legal.

How ridiculous is this?

First, they make it illegal and charge anyone they catch selling it or possessing it with a criminal offence.

Then when the time is right, they flip the switch and make it legal.

Where can I find weed in Edmonton?

Now the money funnels through their system instead of the unregulated “free” market where they miss out on major tax dollars.

But wait, it gets even better.

They also make it impossible for anyone with a pot charge to get into the industry. 

The very people that built weed into an actual industry (for 100 years), cannot enter the new legal industry if they have charges from when it was illegal. Which it never should have been in the first place.

The system is shady as fuck, and the higher you go, the more corrupt it gets.

Where can I find weed in Edmonton? You are already here.