How do I send an E-Transfer payment?

1.  Contact your bank online and visit the E-Transfer section. You may wish to call them directly or visit them in person if you need assistance.
2. Add our email and exact total price with taxes as seen on your invoice.
3. Submit the transfer.
4. We will provide you with the secret word into the transfer for security. The secret word will be generated for you after check out. Please read the instructions at the bottom of the page after you check out.
5. We offer guidelines on how to send an E-Transfer with your invoice. You will receive your shipment after the E-Transfer has been processed.

What payment methods do you accept?
We currently only accept Interac email e-transfer as a form of payment. This service is only provided if you have an online banking account. The payment instructions will be provided upon check out. When you finish placing your order an invoice will be provided with the following instructions such as the email address, security question and answer required complete your payment process.
What taxes do you charge on products?
Taxes are already included in our prices.
What are your shipping fees?
All orders are shipped FREE OF CHARGE
What happens after I send my E-Transfer payment?
The order will be processed and will be deliverd in under 4 hours. The order will be marked as processing and will not be processed if an E-Transfer has not arrived.