Triple Dose Peanut Butter Cookie


Stay medicated with RUSH420 Peanut Butter Pot Cookies! Let’s face it – it’s 2021 and you shouldn’t have to put up with nasty, bitter-tasting THC-infused edibles anymore. RUSH420 has perfected their delicious recipes over years and years of experience, and have found the way to magically hide abnormal amounts of THC and other cannabinoids in edibles without any negative aftertastes. Our line of baked goods ranges from fudgy brownies to their potent triple-dosed cookies. These delicious peanut butter cookies are baked fresh with real ingredients before being dipped into a layer of rich, medicated milk chocolate. These cookies are recommended for users with a higher tolerance. Treat yourself to a heavy, sedative buzz while also enjoying a delectable baked good.

Contains one cookie per package with 150 mg THC per cookie.


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